Adult film cameraman

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My cameraman, Derek, and I arrived outside a mansion in Rancho Cucamonga, CA around pm on a Tuesday.

We had no idea what we were walking into, and for a split second as we lingered outside, I said to myself, “how dumb am I that I really think am being invited to a porn shoot?

But I guess if you’re gonna get into porn, you’re not the type of person who takes yourself too seriously.

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What we found when we entered was decidedly not sexy, and equally un-murdery; it was a bunch of normal dudes standing around, eating chips, fixing lights, texting, chatting, etc.I decided to err on the side of not touching anything that had the potential to have just been buried in someone’s ass.—Sexiness of the Set – Veronica is hot, and she was naked in front of me many times throughout the shoot, yet I never actually felt turned on. [Very original gay joke, you dick.] Because at any given moment, there are at least five middle-aged dudes lingering nearby.Need a cameraman with the latest HD and 4K cameras? Then I have access to a 1000 square foot studio space ideal for green screen, and a soundproof studio ideal for pieces to camera. Contact: Kris 44 (0)7 UK Nationwide and Worldwide or email by clicking on the contact page.Need a camera operator for interviews, a corporate video, a conference, a live event, a talking head? Then look no further: I am a UK based camera operator of 16 years whose credits include numerous corporates, broadcast and live events.

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