Child sex in cambodia dating workshops australia

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Cambodia’s unique economic challenges, history, and geographic location make it a hub for human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

The country provides a large population source for new victims (along with neighboring Vietnam), is a transit point along many organized human trafficking routes, and is also a destination for traffickers and sex customers alike.

Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia, sandwiched between Vietnam and Thailand, with a border on the Gulf of Thailand near the South China Sea.

The country of just over 15 million people is actually officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia and is run as a constitutional monarchy.

On New Year’s Day 1975, the Khmer Rouge launched a massive attack on the city and officially took control of the country.

What followed was a mass exodus from the cities as the new communist leadership sought to completely restructure society.

It is difficult to quantify the problem of sex trafficking in Cambodia due to the clandestine nature of the business, however in 2000, The International Organisation for Migration estimated that up to 300,000 women and children are trapped in slavery-like conditions in the Mekong subregion, which includes Cambodia and surrounding areas in Southeast Asia.

However, in 2016, Cambodia had made more efforts to comply with TVPA and was upgraded to Tier 2.

They are often betrayed by their neighbours, friends, relatives, guardians and even boyfriends or parents, and they are tricked with false promises of a better life or well-paid work.

They are then forced to pay off ‘debts’ for transportation, health and living expenses, subdued with rape, violence and torture and sold from brothel to brothel.” Many reports show that Cambodian men make up the bulk of demand for exploited children, but men from from other Asian countries, the United States, Australia, European nations, and South Africa also travel to Cambodia to engage in child sex tourism.

However, the government did not investigate, prosecute, or convict any government employees complicit in trafficking…” AIM’s programs in Cambodia are designed to address all areas of child sex trafficking in a holistic manner.

We work to prevent it through programs aimed at at-risk children, youth and families as well as reaching out and educating local men on the issue; we rescue victims by working with local authorities and employing our own investigative SWAT Team; we restore survivors and help them with reintegration into society by providing education, better employment options, and so much more.

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