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its ok just keep it– but please send package 1zyy1650pg46362017 Reply I paid for 2 day delivery 6 days later i still do n9t have my package i have videoed the driver pulling up to my building getting out of the truck empty handed and place the info notice on the door and get back in the truck and pull off not even ringing the bell. Reply I had a package (important medication) that was to be delivered on 12/7.Because his lazy ass doesn’t want to walk up the steps.had several conversations with the call center and corporate office to the point corporate has sent me a bouquet of flowers KEEP YOUR DAMN FLOWERS I WANT MY PACKAGES Reply I had ordered a package on 12/17/17. They ran out of time to deliver it even though snow was predicted (in Georgia) for the following day.

It showed that the package was “OUT FOR DELIVERY TODAY” which was Tuesday 12/19. Then it was the weekend and they don’t want to work.In 1913, the company purchased their first delivery car, a Ford Model-T. I waited each time and no attempt was made to deliver my package.The company merges with another delivery company and becomes Merchants Parcel Delivery. Arrival Scan Secaucus, NJ, United States 12/18/2017 A. Departure Scan Secaucus, NJ, United States 12/17/2017 P. Arrival Scan Bound Brook, NJ, United States 12/17/2017 P. Each time I called I was told that the package was at the Forest Park GA station.Check package status said wrong address may cause delievery delayed, but the day before they verified address when they found package, will reschedule , Here it is a week later, said will deliver today….thanksgiving destroyed, had to tell girls I was sorry, because they counted on me, had bill due on Friday, couldn’t pay….late charges.I wouldn’t be so mad, if told truth, but lie after lie,asked about refund of overnite fee, still no answer……not the way to treat a Veteran and single grandparent trying to raise two little girls. Reply Tracking #ZRV92910389486370 Shipped husbands clubs from UPS Ceres, Ca on 10-12-17.

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