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El restaurante de la elección del músico es un lugar exclusivo en donde sólo se entra con reservación previa, sin embargo, es reconocido por su variedad de platillos y su horno de leñ Kit Harington (Jon), Liam Cunningham (Davos) y Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) – además de unos extras dothraki e inmaculados, hoy hemos visto también a Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) y Peter Dinklage (Tyrion).

To say the truth, it is but a mild sort of interest that we take in the enterprise itself, though the Translator s Preface.We humbly confess that for such a task as this we have little ability and less inclination.A satire that requires so much minute commentary is manifestly defunct, and may be regarded as a curious fossil, of interest only to the antiquarian. RNASSUS MIGUEL DE CERVANTES MSBOOW JOURNEY TO PARNASSUS. In memory of those Spring-days, loved so well, I send to thee this tiny, modest gem, Dropped from a Spanish monarch's diadem, Or, shall I say, his cross of San Miguel. PAGE TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE ix-lxv OF THE PORTRAIT AND ITS PEDIGREE . " Good wine needs no bush," and a good poem should need no prologue.GIBSON TO WHICH ARE SUBJOINED THE ANTIQUE TEXT AND TRANSLATION OF THE LETTER OF CERVANTES TO MATEO VAZQUEZ LONDON KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH AND CO. To me it seemed to gleam with light untold, And so with mickle pains, and mickle fretting, I coaxed it into this plain English setting, To wile its lustre forth with English gold. We would gladly follow his example, and allow this Parnassus-Journey of his, tricked out in the choicest English and the smoothest Terza rima at our command, to present itself to English readers without the formality of an Introduction.

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