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But some scientists warn that the rush to more fully tap the rich Marcellus and Utica shales is bad for a dangerously warming planet, extending the country’s fossil-fuel habit by half a century.

Industry consultants say there isn’t even enough demand in the United States for all the gas that would come from this boost in production.

On occasion, FERC has delayed or rescinded approval of projects that don’t meet specific conditions.

But at every turn, the agency’s process favors pipeline companies, according to Center and State Impact Pennsylvania interviews with more than 100 people, reviews of FERC records and analyses of nearly 500 pipeline cases.

Most commissioners leave FERC to work for industry as well, in some cases lobbying their successors.

● Four of six major pending pipelines in the Appalachian basin were proposed by companies planning to sell pipeline capacity to utilities they own.

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They questioned its siting amid a largely poor, African-American community founded by freed slaves. Curtis, FERC’s first chairman, envisioned in 1979, when he wrote in congressional testimony that “we must create public confidence …

In seven cases since 2015, gas already was flowing in the pipeline by the time opponents could challenge it in court.

It doesn’t seem that way to Chad Oba, a mental-health counselor from Buckingham County, Virginia.

“It’s the envy of the world,” Santa said, referring to the nation’s pipeline network.

“It is something that has enabled us to have remarkably competitive natural gas markets that have benefited consumers and the economy.” Two former directors of the FERC office overseeing pipelines say no project survives the vetting process without route alterations or other changes.

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