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Autopay - All locally issued credit cards (Visa / Mastercard) 1. Payment should be addressed to: For PENINSULAR MALAYSIA: TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD Peti Surat 13232 50804 Kuala Lumpur For SABAH (including Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan): TMpoint Sadong Jaya Telekom Sales & Services Sdn Bhd 88672 Kota Kinabalu Sabah For SARAWAK: TMpoint Batu Lintang Telekom Sales & Services Sdn Bhd Jalan Batu Lintang 93200 Kuching, Sarawak 1.

Pay via Mail Cheque Mail a crossed cheque made payable to "Telekom Malaysia Berhad" enclosed with payment slip. Over the Counter • Cash• All local banks' cheque 2.

So I make another called on 6th Nov 2013, operator told that the report can hold (remain open) until replacement of encoder set on 8th November, and she told me she will put a remark on the date I requested.

Today I called again why no technician no attend for encoder replacement, the another operator told me that the report already closed without highlight to me while my problem encoder still there!

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If service not good we are not allowed to terminate - TERM AND CONDITION !!!

I subscribed iptv, waste my money waste my time waste my phone charge waste my car petrol to go customer centre. Today Astro disconnect my subscription due to outstanding bill RM 36.36 w/o giving reminder call you've immediately disconnected my service which is unacceptable.

After 3 weeks they told me that my application cannot be completed because they cannot and dont know how to install for me!! Astro given me break down on the out outstanding amount.

setelah itu saya terus hubungi beberapa kali dan dijanji terus akan datang untuk repair tapi semua janji palsu sahaja kerana tidak ada seorang pun techician datang maupun hubungi saya untuk jelaskan masalahnya.

sampai awal December pun masalah saya tidak dipedulikan sama meraka akhirnya saya hubungi lagi untuk minta hentikan service. We are dealing with there they ask us to deal with the management agent. I think the consumer board should take stern action so that the customer will not be bullied.

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